Jilly Bean

Excerpts from a goodbye letter to my friend:

My dear Jillian,

Jilly over the past three years I have not told you enough what I really think of you. I think you are extraordinary. You are one of the strongest, bravest and kind people I know. You are obviously beautiful. But unlike some people who are only beautiful on the outside, your beauty is doubled because it comes from inside too. You’re the kind of person who I am so proud to point to and say “That’s my friend.”

I will always remember our Seattle adventures. From the three bedroom apartment crammed with us five girls to staying friends when we made the Seattle move and then back over to the Eastside to live with you again. I will remember driving with you and the way you sing at the top of your lungs and with all your soul. I will remember the time you cried at the McGraw house over a certain boyfriend. My heart broke for you and you made the top of my “People I Can’t Stand to See Cry” list. But mostly I will remember your smile. It’s one of the most distinct things about you, because it’s so genuine and because you do it so much. Not only will I always remember you but I’ll remember the way you made me feel and the kind of friend you are. I always feel like you’re in my corner, like you genuinely care about me and want me to be happy. I always felt you walking that delicate line between telling me what I wanted to hear and letting me be my hermit self and also letting me know that I deserve more than I give myself credit for, that I should get out of the house and live life the way you so easily do.

I envy you your spirit, your stubbornness, your clarity and vision in what you want, your beauty, your smarts, and your good sense of direction (literally your sense of direction, like, which way north is).

I feel lucky to be your friend. You will always be in my thoughts and I will pray you are safe, healthy and happy like I pray for the rest of my family. Know that I’m always here, and wherever I am you are welcome, and can find yourself at home.

Your cheese is the best.

Love always,


P.S. Don’t be surprised if you’re a character in my book one day. She will have all of the qualities I attributed to you in this letter. She will be one really cool girl.

P.P.S. If Cindy doesn’t get Scoob, and if Krysten doesn’t get Scoob, and if none of your family wants Scoob, etc. etc. etc. I will take him in and treat him as my own to make you proud.

    • Dallas
    • July 7th, 2010

    I agree with all of that!! Jilly is the best kind of friend who would drop everything if you needed her to. I love you Jilly!!!!

    • Jennifer O’Harra
    • July 7th, 2010

    Awww that is so sweet! Made me cry! It’s great to have friends like that – I’m glad you guys have each other!

    • Jilly
    • July 7th, 2010

    aww Amo…I am sitting on our lonely couch with major tears in my eyes!! Good tears though. But if you were here it could turn into one of those o shiz Jill is crying moments! Sorta like at Kells! lol!! I miss you tons, and I echo all of what you said about me back to you. You are the best!!! I am going to come visit in the fall for sure! I love you and your whole fam!

    • AmyMinor
    • July 8th, 2010

    For two people who don’t cry all that much we have had some major crying sessions. Granted, mine wasn’t public like yours was but I think we can agree mine was WAY WORSE. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever cried like that in my life. I’m sorry you had to see that and deal with me.
    Can’t wait for your visit!!!

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