Giving in to Perky

J.D. introduced me to a new blog and — as I always do — I’ve been obsessing about it all week. She discovered Kandee Johnson ( and on YouTube while looking at make-up tutorials. Read the “about me” section of Kandee’s blog for more details, but the short version of her life is this: She became a celebrity make-up artist in LA but because she’s a young mom of three she has had to give up some of the Hollywood stuff and be with her kids. We can’t quite figure out if she lives in Reno or not but one article did say she’s in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area. (Surrrre, we’re all Reno Slash Lake Tahoe, aren’t we?) Anyway she started putting her make-up tutorials on YouTube and has become famous from them, doing “Glaminars” all over the country. She does amazing make-up, which of course J.D. is obsessed with, like this:

Betty Boop

And this:

Neytiri from Avatar

But the reason I’ve been thinking about her a lot this week is because of a video she made titled “How to Survive a Bad Day”.

Warning: It’s EXTREMELY cheesy. Do not attempt to watch this if you are in the least bit of a fraction of a skeptical mood. At times you expect her to start preaching the Word or promote the latest cutting-edge depression drug. And I can’t believe I’m directing my blog readers to take advice from someone who says something like “You have to speak positivity into your life” and who — without a hint of sarcasm or note of apology — spews metaphors involving anchors, diamonds and sunshine. (And I’ll save you from the last few seconds up front: “You’re more beautiful than you know, more talented than you think and more love than you imagine.”) Okay, aside from ALL THAT…you can’t help but love her within about 5 seconds and her big smile and Elle Woods-like optimism.

She says things we’ve all heard before, but I guess they’re things worth repeating to yourself over and over in life: “Don’t live a defeated life where you feel like you’re a victim of all these circumstances.” I always need to remind myself of this but even more so lately. All the things she says in the video that we shouldn’t do, I do on a consistent basis. I’m always giving up on my day practically before it’s started.

So this week, after watching her video, I decided every time I feel like I’m having a bad day and like giving in to it, I will instead think about Kandee and what she said in her video and give in to perky. And it seriously worked this week. There were times throughout the day where something would happen where I felt like giving in to being pissy. Something that was truly out of my control like when someone would take THEIR bad day out on innocent old ME. Someone at work or at the grocery store or on the phone would be snippy with me for no reason or make me feel dumb. Or I would lose something or have a hard assignment or a dozen other equally trivial things. And that’s when I would take a deep breath and think about what Kandee said and I would feel better. And I would move on. Seriously. It’s hard to do, but it is do-able. Watch the video: (No judging!)

Like Kandee says: Your future is so bright and sparkly! Go give in to the perky side of yourself!

P.S. This blog post may not be held against me by my friends and family. I want to try for more perky days but everyone needs a dose of sarcasm and a pinch of self-destructive behavior now and again.

    • Dallas
    • October 15th, 2010

    Yay Kandee! Watch the tinkerbell video – it’s my favorite!

    • Jennifer O’Harra
    • October 18th, 2010

    Well you know that’s right up my alley with all the sparkly perkiness! I think what she says is very true and something that everyone should remember. Its always good to be reminded of those things.

  1. I only watched for 3 minutes but agree entirely. And I won’t make fun of you for finding value in this little speech. Cynicism/sarcasm/skepticism are too often fear in a cooler disguise, and happy people like this – who just lay it all out in somewhat vomit-ously cute catch phrases – are actually so right!


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